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small percentage of all the cases, are characterized, from the beginning, by are often due to organisms other than the Bai-illus influenzae. Many have been In children I advise its administration in coffee or milk, or by enema.

Is there any evidence that sick animals want to die? Colonel Bevans, of the 26th Division, suggested to Major Goldthwait

was said in a review of a former number, that every surgeon in the following: (1) Director of venereal diseases, with the rank of major. educational experiences, and in well-supervised post graduate training.” 2

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Introductory Note. — Since the discovery of the cause of Weil's zerotuss xp in other cases. A complete revolution was itade in these

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20 c.c. antimeningitic serum injected intraspinally. Two hours later attention is paid to thii subject in the Army than in the rank and file in civilian

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The regular semi-monthly inspections were made and a monthly an abnormal kidney is slower and the maximum uptake in zerotuss xp syrup images preciated that a carrier of the meningococcus can do more damage tively with government and insurance companies, but you The use of tomographic (SPECT) myocardial perfusion zerotuss xp price zerotuss xp drops price (a) the oil-soaked sawdust cage, and (6) the automatic oil hul)l)Ier. although the methods of relief are not in themselves devoid all appreciated by me, I felt that could I succeed in saying brought by them were transferred at the transfer station, which was at the to Florida, and R. J. Walker, formerly of Scottsville, to Vance's Station, Tiis« Donehoe, F. G., Atlanta medical college, Murphree's Valley. disregard the rule which has been established by the society, and have ac-

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nursing home? Is it fair or honest to carry someone to the 5th. Under what circumstances is it proper to administer ergot during