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child up walking around the room in face of my instructions to
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versity of Texas, receiving therefrom the degrees of B. Sc. and M.
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the code under which the indictment was found contemplates that'
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Considering the harassing dangers and responsibilities of our
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and T. R. Boggs. A case of pulmonary moniliasis in the Uni-
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On admission he was quiet, refused to answer most questions,
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surgical technique, the far-reaching and beneficent
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the science, that this resulted from discovery of facts in this
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(Vein Surgery), U. S. Army Base Hospital No. 18, American
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pies involved. The first of these, of course, all modem text-books
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June 26 he developed the idea that a crowd of people were follow-
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encouraged to make studies with some especial method and
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Lecithine. In the other four cases characterized by an advanced
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j 2d 'SSST Ana '° my ' PhySW0g7 - P ^olo g ical Chemistry, Pharmacol, Toxicdogy. Experimental"
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from 10 to 1 in the morning, and from 2 to 5 in the after-
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8. B., Denison University, 1900 ; M. D., Western Reserve University, 1903 ; Resi-
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I take in the Congress, but also for other reasons.
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the number of these particles was fixed and definite, even though
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white blood cells are lymphocytes, only a little over
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Howard L. Taylor. Clinical studies in caffeine. — Archives of In-
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Ijight Institute at Copenhagen has grown from a very small shed,
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of the defects of other forms of instruments devised
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acts upon the tonsils, causing follicular tonsillitis. In this class we
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control of the local authorities or the latter fails to perform their
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increasing two-fold the power of quinine. Hay Fever.
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will not be held, and regular attendance, properly certified
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principles of medical science and it is incompatible with honorable
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eases. During the past few years, in the section at
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fessor of Medicine, and Dr. M. C. Clough, Assistant in Medi-
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with white, waterproof enamel, and having coved ceiling and con-
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in cutting off the tissues in the living patient and
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was practically uncontrollable, except by force, and so much so that
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Eastern Representative: John Guy Monihan, St. Paul Building, 320 Broad ait ay,
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Monthly. 8vo. Volume „ XXXIII in progress. S3 per volume.
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in some cases it continues with it into the workshop. But the main thing
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sheaths. With Herxheimer's stain on frozen sections — a
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chill to 103° to 104°, though it is said that the initial rise has been
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ascribed to such attenuations or even many times to material doses
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exposure of the micro-organisms to the influence of high tempera-
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who, by the way. was a Swede. I did so, and found his bed full
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abnormal it may appear, has its analogue in normal psychology,
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Fuller, Solomon C, M.D. Further Observations on Alzheimer's
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