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dyes, thread, and lead wrapping paper. A patient was

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al., 1993); may experience negative consequences from gam-

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severing investigations led to so valuable a discovery.

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them, but if they seek now to leave us no field in which

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of the scars indicating efficient vaccination and the date of primary and sub-

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of diphtheria by the use of vaccines with little or no danger, espe-

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with the joint, and that synovia had escaped. But the sum

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to the point of cows which secrete matches. While keeping

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caused embolism of the brain. The case was tried wth

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uterus and ovaries were not removed. The sinus in the neck was

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long, fine wire, to produce nerve stimulation. They

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standard writers on pathological anatomy,^ while clinicians

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ittention chiefly to points which are of practical importance, they will

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found to be occupied by a circular ulcer with sharply cut edges,

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a man was charged with the murder of his wife because her body was found

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is not uncommon for the growth to persist up to 30 years,

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ami I>ecembcr. IWO ; but for present purpose? thin is unimportant.

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Cyclopcedia of the Diseases of Children, Medical and Surgical.

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directly from the bath, and replacing them until they were

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pericranium so as to prevent their adhesion, and serves as a scafl'olding

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with what is known of the variable duration of artificially

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■'"'■"!"■' ^"■-'"" ^— i-- ■'-' '-- -■- ....7. ,■/„■:-,..

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good the operations were unsatisfactory, for an incomplete

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longer and less refrangible frequencies of the spectrum, the

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extra smart man. As I said, I had not much to say ;

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full and precise statements of the processes and results. Fa-

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My present study is based chiefly upon meteorological

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forms the first and often the only step in the treatment; the secondary

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anything better qualified to develope the physical powers, and

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patient died twenty-one months subsequently of acute phthisis,

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Boer prisoner who had lost by a shrapnel accident a large area of

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speak, his alma mater s milk, but to reason, — then might we

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The foregoing notation of the long and faithful ser-

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Absolute rest to the part. Spinal treatment. Abdominal treat-

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sident) ; and from the President and Council of the