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cerating its way into, or an abscess of the gall-bladder
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were analyzed retrospectively to determine whether the re-
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and dwelt on the importance of determining the relative
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Of the 19, or 47 J per cent, who recovered, 6 had been insane
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other impending cause of unsoundness. Such horses, be-
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the faith of this supposition, a large hospital was
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the silver solution. At the end of this time, I introduced
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following gonorrhea. Patient had always been in good health until three years and a
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of Master in Surgery is not conferred on any person who does
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Case II. — N. P., Lowell, man aged 26. A patient of
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It was seen in children sufTering from congenital tuherculoeis
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almost a waste of time, for the stomach generally fails to
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margin in the right mammary line. From the fact that the abdomen was soft
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disturbance and those associated with organic conditions.
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105°, the pulse too quick and weak to be counted. There was slight discolora-
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Diagnosis. Chronic bronchitis with bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis,
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ligence receives the inspiration to discover it, and
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standards. It has, therefore, seemed best not to include any data on
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Saturday, November 13, 1909, of this distinguished and highly
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melanosis of the skin, which is more intense the shorter the time
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Practical Anatomy, so that the one volume will suffice. We are not dis-
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to-day as when he sat on Israel's throne. It was Dr. Richard-
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under !i multiplicity of synonyms. Short, writing in the first half of
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She was confined to bed for several months suffering from anosmia, and
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followed, and in about twenty minutes he would resame
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jinges of authors have become in their eyes almost as valuable as
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lenk-liesection. Amtl. IJer. deutscb. Naturf. u. Aerzte.
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course of about two hours. The apparatus for inhalation
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mixture, which consists of dilute hydrocyanic acid (ni^3), dilute
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entire number returned eleven were found to be filled correctly. The remainder were
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of eiilieptics, feeble-minded, and alootaollc babltate-
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and this pigmentation was everywhere to be seen in the preparation,
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blende: radium associated with the barium in the mineral and closely
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ness from alcohol afford in various stages varying phenomena,
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creased vocal fremitus over the area of dulness. At
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de med. de Paris," No. 26, 1888) reports the author's conclusions in
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apoplexy due to haemorrhage, except that the purgatives administered
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The question may be asked, why the stomach is not injured by the
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tient, aged thirty-nine, female, was first seen by me in
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hay fever; very bad every night for last 5 years; bad attack
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ties. The family comes from tlie neighborhood where
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the seborrhceic process gets firmer hold. Hence it may be advantageous
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that the possible occurrence of tubercle bacilli in the blood of tuber-