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tube removed, but the second tube left in position. The

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agglutionation time and bleeding time should be taken and the

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an ordinary hypodermic syringe filled with the compound

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One of the most important varieties of meningeal hemorrhage is ha?matoma

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Children. White on Lying-in Women. Timbrel on Ruptures.

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hold sway in the nosological system, as there have been many who have

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slight convulsion, and the child ushered more or less of the consolidated lung re-

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rights, and only by the party of which Professor Virchow for

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my own experience, it is even the more fatal form ; and I find

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iodid. gr. x ; ferri ammonio-citrat. gr. xx ; syrupi

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progressed (\V. S. Playfair in his text-book of Midwifery ; see

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exercise, and is not attended with any known pathological lesions.

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of this kind, I felt sure that if an examination could

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Walker, J. AV. Thomson : Surgical Diseases and Injuries of the Genito-urinary

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It is noticed that hay fever is more common among persons of a

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medical men themselves is unsuited as a means of therapeutics in

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No. 94. E. M., aged 25, primigravida, was admitted for

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the increase of general paral3^sis. — The Doctor.

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but that the Kymric pronunciation has producedaweU-marked

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calcium oxalate. This in itself, besides phosphate im-

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be viewed through it without danger to the eye, as the

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in question — I include here the deaths in his own household ; — only

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that they have means of keeping these mosquitoes alive; they take

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its normal secretion. If, however, there should exist

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Among the Guy's Hospital Reports, published in the London Lancet

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common, however, to meet with small pupils in cases which began wi*h

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Antharobin, though milder than chrysarobin, is yet a useful drug,

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control; but in spite of that, the records show that the sick rate per

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That vibration of the ribs, which is perceptible when we

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tests were comiileted the patient was ready to accept

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able or undiscovered disease in opposite side 2 or 14.2 per cent

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the neck. The latter condition interferes somewhat at