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opathy. Edited by H. R. Arndt, M.D. Vol. II. Phila-
the plan, and supplies the force, by which the supplementary
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We comfort ourselves with the fact that four of the editors —
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devoted the active years of his life to agricultural pursuits. The com-
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homoeopaths. This will take place in the city of New Orleans
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tendency to re-establish its equilibrium of cell-life (vis medica-
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was appointed Consulting Surgeon to the City Hospital,
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bration," for which our statute-books lie waiting. How far even
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need. It is written by a lady whom intelligence and wide read-
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the assistance we have to render in cases of fracture.
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diately perceive it, but are cognizant only of our sensations and
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the Post-graduate Department of the same institution, a
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at Brussels, Belgium, September, 1892, and published in
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and high school courses of study, preparatory to entering Johns Hop-
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" Lack of appetite, furred tongue, and pain in the stomach,
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the Gynecological Section, without fuss or blunder;" all
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dence of this progress in the appearance of a bright and wise
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be placed upon the head. After many trials, the following in-
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great discovery is to be made the idea of it compasses the
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this time his nights were bad, giving no one rest. He was de-
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by that sincerest form of flattery, imitation. Our method is
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ney; Mrs. Gibney died in 1888. At Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1893,
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wisest diagnostician, and herself brings about the cure he had
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every two hours, either in milk, on sugar, or in capsules. Salicin is well borne
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open the abdominal cavity in case of injury by gunshot or
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with her light garden-tools. Some she trained fancifully over a lattice to such height
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more than the ankle. The small joints of the toe, as a rule, escape entirely.
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dying in Boston, July 4, 1775. On the maternal side, his grandfather,
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this way that an excellent stump can be made. The typical
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of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, Columbia University, is a
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understood in what Mark Twain would call its " native wilds."
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practise it beware how they coin money out of the suffering of fellow-
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ing pages are devoted to descriptions and discussions of the
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class of 1886, taking one of the Harsen prizes for General Proficiency
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Aural Symptoms. Hearing; Dysecoia. — One's own voice
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came possessed of vast tracts in this country, was a benefactor of
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State and supervised their work. The supervision at a later time
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commission in the Medical Reserve Corps and went to Washington to
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teaches that the student should not be content to learn of the