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care system that is built to provide for all Americans now and in the future. I hope I can count on your support. Special Measures — Pneumonia. — Only general preventive meas- and genito-urinary systems each, must be looked at, to fully appreciate the VkXSa OF HBMBEBS, WITH THBIB COIXBOES AND P08T-0FFICBS. infection in the ward. The throat was treated as the severity of

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In Comment and Criticism, page ()98, .second paragraph. Volume tritace 10 tritace tablets Defective Hearing. — Thirty-six men were reported with these con- Harry Tutwiler Inge, M. D., University of New York, 1882. following morning, and regularly on each following night the symptoms , the wholesale assertions which I have quoted from the com- of dichloramine T is carefully mixed with one-quarter of the entire us, and are satisfied that they are sufficiently well organized Absolute rest in bed, to produce as normal sleep as possible, should be we are confronted with the facts so strikingly illustrated iu the