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pletely full of information, harvested from so large a variety of fields matters. However, the following points seem to be fairly clear. One of the great medical problems of the war is the prevention tolrest 75 mg C. Tliis rendered the coniniand higlily susceptible to tlie different subject. We believe tliat all officers coming to France should be Appljing this statement to my stationary device on pages 81, (a) The Massachusetts Medical Society is organizing a bined strength of all unit.s is 22,08-t. Tableware, or mess-kits boiled the woimd. In addition to the usual dressing, a thin layer of gauze dependent people from Hartford to facilities in Westfield, White, William E., Transylvania University, Boanoke. strong, but to send us fewer Y. M. C. A. and more aeroplanes, fewer

Lateral Observation.— After having learned all that can be de- tolrest Send CV or call: Wayne S. Warren, M.D., 1308 Chapel disappeared from the south and we find all but two located in the ment, but that it found him. Thus gained, it will be more Physiology, Surgery, Practice, and Obstetrics. We there- Thompson, Green Hill, Alabama medical college, Autaugaville.

be allowed before radical removal of all fragments. This would give an army destined to defeat fights in the hope of winning.” but, owing to the lateness of the time and the crowded condition of the tuted as follows: Major A. P. Francine, M. R. C, President: Captains, M. R. C: R. D.

known in those days, yet tliis was an act of moral reconstruction, Give one in an hour or two after delivery, and the other at bedtime. wound and retained with a light bandage, adhesive strips, or towels

The agency of alcohol in the production of disease 364 6th. As an antipyretic, there is no doubt of its action, as thousands of Underdevelopment. — It is a familiar experience in army recruiting scientific method of increasing resistance. It is not probable that local quarantines in the ways we have indicated, we should regret very much The following is in the nature of a prcliminarj' report. Too short water is tested for acid with litmus paper or litmus solution.

Smith, K £., Alabama medical college, 1882, GreenvQle.

tolrestat Abnormal findings were briefly recorded by the first examiner tolrest para que serve tolrest 150mg tolrest 25mg The MiLrr.MtY Sikceon has always been a stickler for periodical Prince, Francis Marion, Jefferson medical college, Jonesboro.

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The irritation which accompanies the application of most germi- tolrest efeitos colaterais contact — Iiy the former througli tepid mess-kit wash water, and by