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except from those who have no home, the poorest, and most
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Vincent's white mycetoma produced by Discomyces madurce (Vincent 1894).
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excite and maintain the disease, catarrhal dy tertiary (as this disease
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varieties described in the literature also must be classified with it. Its
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Simple atrophy of the heart is much more rare. Here the organ '
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Inaugural dissertation of Doctor Burger. Tubingen, 1864.
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though bronchiectasis is far oftener a consequence of interstitial pneu-
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the same language, customs, and interests, have for centuries,
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suffice to account for the symptoms. Nor are. we warranted in diag-
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alkalies and earths or chloride of sodium. The use of the waters of
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pig-serum + varying amounts of various normal serums as possible antigens 4-
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the mitral become entirely abnormal and irregular, and give rise to
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that have been accepted for the last twenty years, from the
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those caused by tape-worms. The causes of this disquiet of the worms
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a temperature of 117° F. and 90° F., without the addition of warm
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almost always small condylomata. The ulcers occurring on the tongue,
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1907, many of the hospital corps and few patients began to bathe every
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quired the frequent repetition of morphine to allay nausea
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use. 'Among the symptoms deserving particular attention, we may
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product of conception. The influence of the patianac was to the midwife
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office of nurse children " under M. Husson, at Paris, and
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pulpy, moist mass, or to a dry, black slough. The blood-vessels resist
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men. We have already seen how a decrease in the size of the heart,
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is particularly true of this form of the disease. The most important
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Stolz, Albebt. Ueber einen Bacillus mit Verzweigungen : Arch. f. Hyg. (1897),
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Address by Thomas E. Vermilye, D. D., LL. D., at tlie opening of the
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were 69 months, or 2 months and 17 days per head. We have
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sity of Edinburgh. Second series, No. ix. ISTovember,
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the strength and nutritive condition of the patient ; but we cannot
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lew hours before death, we have had under our finger. In the upper
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which occur after extensive burns, and are accompanied by great pain.
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tion which Laennec and his pupils have regarded as tubercular infiltra-
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we then gave so full an account of the physiology of this feet that we
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expectoration appears, together with a respiration of forty or fifty
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