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tained by suddenly and forcibly flexing the foot with one hand placed
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cles most severely affected. Remak regarded these as reflex contractions originating
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very rich foods, as well as abstains from loud or excessive talking and
teva hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg recall
no symptoms calling attention to disease of the kidney, the examination
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enteritis, led Fitz to offer the term appendicitis to indicate the primary
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there is without doubt an increased production of urea in the fever stage
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Hemorrhage may take place into the spinal cord itself, constituting
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thoroughly disinfected. (See Typhoid Fever.) The room should be well
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encephalitis, but in view of the cases recorded by Knags and Brown it
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ferences in their structure and in their behavior towards staining fluids,
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withstanding a good appetite, frequent diarrhoea, progressive anaemia,
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Its surface is at times covered with a mucous layer, which is sometimes
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to be used is a very difficult one to answer. So far as our present physi-
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treatment of the disorder do harm rather than good. Sometimes, how-
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anaesthetized if necessary, should be placed on the back, with the hips
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The respiratory tract may be affected, as shown by a spasmodic cough
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eoBstascea not ftvoraUe to cleanMnesa, we find all the hotbeds of
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lungs, pleurae, pericardium, and peritoneum, while suffocation is threat-
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instances have been reported of abscess of the brain as a complication.
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and rapid breathing. The voice may be feeble. Vomiting and diar-
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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. The first change in acromegaly begins in the ends
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mally appears on the surface of the membrane, and hence is then desig-
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accurate determination of the quantity requires distillation of the urine.