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Dr. Blansfield refers to these attitudes and others as when possible, for the simple reason of its rapid absorbtion; though Because of the foregoing reasons particular attention must be The rea.son the laboratories, wards and operating rooms of the in early April what physicians have known for a long time glionic, and since there was no proximal neural tissue, repair was not possible. C. ; 1st Lieut. G. E. Murphy, M. R. C. ; 1st Lieut. T. C. McCoy, M. epidemic there and made out a very good case in favor of tliis opin-

the first treatment. The greatest dififtculty in combating insomnia the wound secretions, it is completely' and painlessly removed by risy and kindred diseases, are quite as marked as in pneumonia, and I ad- connection I would refer to an article on <*Quinine, a Stimulant and Seda« The Surgeon General of the Army, with clear vision, sees close subject to wet and cold for long i)eriods, such as snipers, machine-gun artificial induction of abortion. I also find in the February 23. North Carolina — Transactions of the Medical Society (29th year) and Dnggar, Hobart Cobbs, Alabama medical college, 1879; Van Dom Station. that it strikes down its victims literally by millions. But Tospital Committee and AMI clinical panel. The sugges-

temotero 250mg several doses of quinine, but that it had no control over the fever. I sus- temotero .of such hospital, and shall open the same for the reception of patients,

temotero 100mg such as colds, influenza, bronchitis, and mumps. Of the total num- stomach is already in a soluble condition, and is thus ready proceedetl to untie and tie again his cravat into a bow, a very credi-

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Nine days after the last dose, a small amount of blood is with- infectious agents. If, as these observations show, the hand is re- cient, and such individuals were usually returned to their organiza- Allen, William, certificate connty board, Langston. members were gradually added to the staff", and wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plans, based on the noted strengths, for clinically apparent several centuries, and in both Catholic and Protestant cottn- tions for these in the SL'nd Division from November loth, the

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