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Series •l.—Vcrformed tcilh Chohra-Miiller taken during CoHapsc,

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affected with a peculiar condition of the cerebral functions. As regards

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coma. The best local control is achieved in well-differenti-

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skopii; kilka uwag, dotyczi|cych zm^tnieniarog6wki przy

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ing the type of ulcer of chronic evolution with tendency to

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great, how great must be the maze of difticulties in-

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distributed on the affected surface, so that the color

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Memorial Hospital, Gadsden, AL, 1987. Practice experi-

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ably slow movements, principally affecting the thumb and fingers, and exactly

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fine tissue, and probably produced when stiffened air cells were

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thoroughly examine, and honestly decide upon, all subjects that


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abdominal cavity and seek out a leaking vessel, even though

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year. Caven and I had the pleasure of spending a very pleas-

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I he i.lll-,- ..t ^..,, _..,i|M|,.,,,, j,, „ J i ,^^. ,,!,,, ,J^ Ji, ,.,,.,, |,,,, |,^,^.||

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believe their existence, humiliating though the fact

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with light of lower refrangibility. Also that finer details

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year by a number of students from Anderson's University,

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intermittent fever, hut called complication of bronchitis.]

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Dr. Nicholson will not expect students who have to pass examinations

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in infantile paralysis, and it cannot be applied too early, as it may prevent

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An Important Observation. — Prof. Burney Yeo, of London, states in his latest

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by Klett (1900) show that we must define in future what is meant by

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small abscesses with pus indicative of a coli infection. The

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Second District, Dr. A. T. VanVranken, Albany County.

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The Military Service Institution.— The announcement of

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was to be assumed that death had taken place about three days

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Instance of Apparent Sterility and Removal of its Cause, Jacob Tucker-