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the urine should be looked for very carefully. A num-

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the fatty changes appearing in the liver could not represent a primary fatty

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Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina.


in the larynx from thirty to forty days after admission to


other times as the result of a chill, fatigue, or injury (Verneuil), or as the


It behooves the profession, therefore, to watch care-


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bottles of 100’s NDC 53159-001-01 and 1000’s N[

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due to a greatly hypertrophied spleen which reached down to

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(3) The period of isolation of the sick should last till catar-

serpina3n elisa

canal by transplanting the testicle between the muscles and the peritoneum,

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I have treated one case of myxedema, which in the adult corresponds

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branous products following experimental irritation and those due to the poison of

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into the wound, but could find nothing else. His case was


and she swallows without any difficulty. She makes signs to


medy. Before this, the bi-carbonate of soda had been


results are obtained from the use of minute doses of corrosive subli-



in the preceding chapter or chapters. Tt is a pleasure to be

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the fundamental cause of her malady, and at my sugges-

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and a Table of Physiologic Constants. Cloth. Pp. 370. Price, $0.80.

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now in use might be open to criticism, the i)resent comrniuee

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action on the left side is of the nature of emphysema.


(H) Oxalic acid causes a slight precipitate in the waters of Gose-

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tion should be paid to patients taking higher doses than those recommended and to patients with

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are accompanied with a fever of more or less intensity preceding

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Recovery. — The patient had formerly an abscess in the median

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results from an obstruction to the free flow of bile. Often the obstruction