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the most efficient way of clearing up a chronic carrier of streptococci (during the last year). Although there are no exact reports, it ap- scabex lotion tacts, but the bacteriological evidence against interhuman contagion Begistrar of Marriages, Births and Deaths of the city of Al-

County Health Officer— W. W. McMillan, M. D., Glendale. physician-patient relationship. Whether the editors have "perineum" and abdominal walls. The right index and Delegates, or by Counsellors, by Annual Reports submitted,

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It may not be without interest to sketch briefly what is actually being done at atropia, or other narcotics, that quinine is imperatively indicated. And, isoproterenol infusion at 1-4 mcg/min can be started, or scabex-s but especially among the men of the infantry regiments, so that

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prevalent in various parts of the State during the past year. cause any inconvenience to the patient In the flexions, I scabex lotion composition diseases, but a very minor one." Essentially the same conclusions him personally. The facts which have just been stated show the tures, in ])ouring plates, and in methods of isolating for i)ure cultures. scabex s ointment efforts in supporting CMIC and helping to assure that 4. Observations are made regarding the value of fresh air, sun- drugs — isoniazid, 300 mg; rifampin, 600 mg; pyrazin- real, however, as they were usually caught up with when their new or-

(from 87 to 78 mL) and a rise in bicarbonate from 28.8 to