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1871, each wrote a short article on it, and, if I remember

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after swelling subsides. Urine is scanty, high colored, frequently uric

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At first sight it may Beem that there would be little difficulty in

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the anterior superior iliac spine downward for three or four

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dried on a bit of smooth paper, at a temperature somewhat above 212°."

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the method of compounding, it is, in many instances, impracti-

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you complain of ?i" is the parson's question. " I have

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ricardium, became cemented together, though Laennec confesses,

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Visiting Physician to the Methodist Episcopal Hospital.


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3. The address of the president of the Indiana State Medical Society, Dr.

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For details concerning these matters refer to Trypanosomes and Trypano-

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author's experience either by appendicular fistula or

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coccus sepsis of nicolain is capable of producing similar

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27. Veratria in Rheumatic Fever. — In a clinical lecture recently delivered

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lum for the Insane, Ward's Island, N. Y., for the Year 1874.

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sion of air to counteract e-xtemal atmospheric pressure on the

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3,723, or 68.3 per cent, were cases of injury to the eye by accident. It is

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Medical men, witliout even the semblance of diploma or

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before use. This extract was a perfectty clear, slightly yellowish

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cu8.sion-shock was felt. The respiratory murmur was feeble or

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one, its real nature can 'easily be demonstrated ; but if it is

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nancy, or if it was, it was a case where the foetus is iu

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to the origin of the disease. Personally, I doubt that milk

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cation at the University of Minnesota. After serving an

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bodies. Folin and Denis have pointed out that large amounts mav

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Mr. James Adam. Such is the description of the building

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not so liable to an attack of influenza as older persons.

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easily bent to conform to the curves of the chest-wall, and it can be

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found that this false fluctuation, as I had supposed, was due to fibrinous

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the intelligence of the blind had already begun to excite interest

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mineral matter, which, of course, must enter the body in the food and

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Cfub-Foot. After having passed through a cycle of accepted methods of

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plication of the forceps, and during the extraction, chloroform

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in some form or d^ree, is very apt to rise. The aqueous liquid thus detained in the

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Available at all Pharmacies. Supplied: in packages of

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tubercular or other general disease is, in rare instances, the source of appen-

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organs. It may involve any portion of the rectum, or