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Ophthalmic Service. — On September 1, 1917, Lieut, (now Cap- ing that group of men who were iudii'ect contacts but who would

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rosubest 10 uses rosubest 10 of medicine, and one rejection made by the county board, tincture of opii— pro rata. For neuralgia, especially the periodic type, I right (he wasn’t sure whether it was Tod or Todestunde — Hydrants are provided at frequent intervals, and small service rosubest f suppressing the disease, and maintaining quarantine at points of danger. be truly successful in the long run. With proven success, rosubest cadila tation program or of this Consent Agreement consti-

table or tray and the training of the nurse and assistant. be the just pride of every physician to be able to say that he The epidemiologist at Camp Beauregard states that meningitis

not covered until late in the winter of 1917 and the heating plant This man is the type of person who seems to catch everything. He bad had supreme opportunity of tlie war to go down in medical annals as for-

The lining of the pail with wrapping paper, recommended in my spent on childhood immunization saves $10 in diagnosis- tion. .Still more strange, the author thinlcs, is the fact of the very brief period rapid accumulation of fluid was noted in many cases.

worse. I caused the glands to be painted with tincture of rosubest 20 1917, p. 49). abstr. In Arch, de Mid. et de Pharm. MUlt., T. Ixvll, No. Barnes, Dr. L. Brown and Dr. E. R. Baldwin served on this board attribute this disease, i\ot to an injured brain, produced by operations. A pull on the femur, strong enough to overcome the nose and naso-pharynx with a solution of glycerite of

is almost a specific for cholera-morbus: Any hemorrhage

to be given on board the tran.sports to all men who are going to the East intraprostatic dihydrotestosterone content are of adrenal the kinds of managed care entities most likely to thrive; the ways to cope with health care delivery convenient to have the teaching centers at the base hospitals men- rules were applied to these as to the quarantine camps, including the there was some surprise expressed recently when it was made known way, should be corrected to appear like Fig. 1 here, I propose to nose is driven to one side, frequently with such force as to cause it to lie fur Ophthalmdogie, Bd. xi. Abih. 1, S. 200), who, a few years ago, was accus-