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.St. George's, i P.M. — Central London Ophthalmic, 1 p.m. — Royal

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vice. But was the latter policy for the people's good ? He remem-

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the exposure of the part to the action of the oxygen of the atmosphere,

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been engaged for six years in the acquirement of professional know-

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, Guy's, 1.30 P.M. — Westminster, 2 P.M. — National Orthopsedic,

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medical officers ; and he should be glad to hear what it was proposed

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the pressure of public opinion, more and more practical in their exa-

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that the boy actually p.assed within the period of twenty-four hours —

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of Scientific Chemistry, in the room of the late Dr. Penny. There

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present weekly returns, in which deaths from scarlet fever figure so

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any sort from the bowels. During the first four or five weeks, she felt

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mittee have undertaken is no light one. It is full of labour and respon-

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another rule should be passed making it compulsoiy upon alt officers and

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BEST & SONS, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square.

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in quality unrivalled, perfectly pure, and more whole-

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the progress of the case, as warm rhubarb draughts or salines if febrile reaction

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the marvellous phenomena of nutrition to "subtle influences", am I to

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task. We had a few other cases of spinal injury, but it is unnecessary

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The Pathological Society opens on Saturday. On the same evening,

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been the arrangement of the hospital wards so that their windows shall

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and a fortnight later the first meeting of its Pathological Section. Mr.

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great would be injured by such motions. [.4pplause.]

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of such a kind as to coincide and correspond with all states of conscious-

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I have mentioned these cases where solid applications to the cavity

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army medical service, and others, that some enter our profession, and

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and at present there is a spare bed beside each, so that in the daytime

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much smaller, and, if necessary, to make two or more sections of tlie

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potassium were given, therefore, every four hours. The first dose

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Journal. In his Alexander Prize Essay on the Etiology and Preva-

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the covering constantly wetted with this lotion". He says : " With no

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Guy's Hospital— Mr. Eader — October ist, 2 p.m.

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ject, criticisms of the results arrived at in these articles, documents,

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manifestly a constrictor or sphincter pupillre; but the bundles at the outer