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of the intermediary uric acid. Herein probably lies the explanation of

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history, but the only really fine preparations are of

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European surgery furnish only five examples of analogous character. Dr.

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a day or two which rapidly subsided. At the present time the face

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stitutional. The local means are restricted to the removal of

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form the majority of those found within the cranium, and also

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Combining from one fourth to half a grain of ipecac, with a'

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removal from practice and direct concern with patient

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ably was a prick of the radial nerve. A severe pain was felt in the

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Tansi.ey, of New York, refers to the old practice of 25 years

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be empowered to draw from the institutions subject to the

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needles into the flesh, where they are allowed to remain for a cer-

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the chest, shoulders, and back ; at other times it covers the body, and has

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both ureters were implanted in the rectum, simulta-

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with resignation and fortitude. Because the dean failed to

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usually wastes away and dies in the third or fourth month. In huge

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tion of the Methods, Other than Drug-Giving, Useful In the Treat-

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methods of treatment which have been recommendedi and he

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glorious motive that inspired the magazine and its correspondent —

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Belleviie and Charity Hospital Reports. 1 vol., 8to. Cloth,

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that the child was not breathing. They used their ears

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lower part of the body. Sometimes the abscesses and the corded

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the supernatant fluid from an 0,85 per cent salt solution emulsion of

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of otorrhea, but it was accompanied with severe pain. Since the oper-

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On the thirteenth day there was a marked change. He took notice,

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six generations these are questions for which we have as yet no answer.

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hood had been properly cared for their brains and health might have

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years, from accidental asphyxiation by illuminating-

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the streptococcus twice. During the influenza epidemic 35 cases of pneu-

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condition. The patient’s perception of how well pain is

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hours, or possibly days, in reaching the germs con-

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to determine whether any fragments have been scraped off. Small bits

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217. — Ce Dcutu. Proc6de d'occlusion des flstules recto-

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Do them as directed for giblet-pie (under the head pies) ;

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obviating them. In the third part of the work, the dif-

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Do not wait for your pharmaceutical brethren to insti-