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cell cones, into a mass incapable of imbibition, homogeneous, brilliant,

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scrofula. The disease presents several varieties, often assuming an erup-

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ness of children and vice versd, and to advance the law that the

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ness — arteriosclerosis (sclerosis means hardening). A

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harbors virulent pneumococci or "cold" germs in the

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The immunity of Sicily, in 1865, is noteworthy on several

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ated functionally with the ductless glands. So here we

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tell him quite positively that the patient's defect of vision

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CHLOROMYCETIN is eminent among drugs at the disposal of the

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September, diarrhoea continued to be common among the inhabi-

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41. IrreguIarJy-uniled frctcf tire cured by excision nf Callus. — Case I. — F. Mis-

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and the dyspnoea and the heart's action and the pulse were greatly

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He should recommend the performance of re-vaccination every six or seven

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origins of the genio-glossi muscles are divided, while the genio-hyoid muscles

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increases, and often also appears in the opposite iliac fossa, the

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below the peritoneum in the left iliac and lumbar regions. — Gazette Medicak,

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osteo-myelitis, perineal section, aneurysm, fractures, lithotomy,

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history of the case. About six years ago, the boy, in diving from the

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Postmortem examination.— Cranium and spinal column.— The

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the preceding essays." This portion, too, we can recommend

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place under precisely opposite circumstances. The anemic condition of the

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of larger works and practical observation, while the numbered

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case 65, in which both sides wefe affected, the affection had been

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from the portal vein through the intercalated tumour to the

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The early period at which inflammation developed itself in this case, and

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experience of the operation must warmly sympathize. This

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the possible danger to life, or loss of the tongue either through the want of skill

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" Like the brain, the spinal cord has, so to speak, its memory.

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classed together under the term general cerebral paralysis, it

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and invalids may find tea, cocoa, or coffee objectionable

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microscopically, h. An inspissated mucus of a grey-yeUow and

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a certain amount of light, and hence his system must languish, and the dis-

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was in dock near the former town, chiefly among the boys and

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pathetic disease has shown itself^ but in which the morbid in-

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Prescription: Take a large measure of Lincoln for humanity, a pinch of

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almost always readily curable and does not impair the

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cupreous salts have been introduced after death or during life, by attention