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It is of relatively frequent occurrence, being present in five per cent,
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of the sound. Despite the obvious discomfort, the nutrition of the patient
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and sometimes disappears when these appear. It has no fixed character,
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smashing, cutting, tearing both persons and things, and perchance dis-
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ureter, or from above downward, as may occur in infectious diseases,
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5th. The suppuration, which has not exceeded, in quantity, iJie
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times necessary, especially when the fluid is encapsulated. The with-
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in the elimination of the phosphates, but we know of no specific medi-
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In hysterical pseudo-angina it is probable that the pain is due to some
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When cystitis becomes subacute or chronic the stimulating diuretics
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may be associated with a diminished quantity of urine and an abundant
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DEFINITION. A chronic inflammation of the spinal membranes.
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dium. When there is abundant exudation death may occur in the
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obvious exciting cause, resembling attacks of asthma. Finally, the respi-
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resemble that of genuine chronic fibrous nephritis ; but failing health in
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TREATMENT. The treatment must be largely symptomatic, having
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the doctor, should draw off the urine. In hysterical vomiting no atten-
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tions requires a separate consideration of pulmonary, laryngeal, intestinal,
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to be recognized when the body is bent forward, and then is found
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Is bone, in extra-uterine life, equallyvindependent of the periosteum,
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In ursemic convulsions the temperature is often subnormal ; it may, how-
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of diagnostic importance are those due to enlargement of this organ, any
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manifestations occur, modification of the treatment is usually necessary.
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which an extraordinary tolerance usually exists, and which should be, at
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permit the gas which is formed to escape from the mouth. The pro-