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tincture of iodine and an iodoform cotton wool dressing applied.
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ter irritants can do good in this stage of inflammatory diseases
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the Superintendent of the Public Granaries. With him is a granary keeper.
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congested and inflammatory conditions consequent on specific febrile invasion but idiopathic
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purgatives will have this effect and that after a time when the
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tion have been observed in cases of melancholia hysteria
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In this case it became interesting to know whether any predispo
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dicular has been overestimated on nasal function. Septal
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the Journal and Assistant Surgeon of the Marine Hospital Ser
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dered. They are debarred from any such compensation.
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would lead us to class the condition among the functional albuminurias.
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to remark Mr. President that the existing conditions are singularly
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in May last. On February th Mr. Nunn reported that the first
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be identified. The results of my investigations were published
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mons were examining evidence and reporting upon it such a
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movement. In fact he had advised inspectors in charge through
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soda is the best remedy. In these cases Quevenne s iron
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ulcers of the stomach he felt that the best way to diagnose
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readings have been begun one hour or less after the injection. The
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They are deep red raised conical shining penetrated by a hair and
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infection of sheep has been found in several places in Europe.
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mistry and not the identity of the matters in question.
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bladder must be evacuated after each instillation. In
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