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are due to minute extravasations of blood ; t\ey are small ecchymoses,
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same subject through which their predecessors strug-
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plegia. Another differential point is, that in cerebral paralysis the elec-
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sidered as embracing inflammation situated on either the outer or the
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complete power over the upper extremity, and partially over the lower
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branches, the N. linguaUs {Lin.) to the tongue, the N. alveo-
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added to the list of twelve cranial nerves usually recognized.
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application must be made while the eruption is papular, or while the
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toderm, and which Scammon identifies as the utrochlea process,
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much less prominence, of cephalalgia and vomiting. In some cases the
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fibers from the ventral border of the sphenopalatine gangUon
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passed in the twenty-four hours, and its specific gravity, the existence of
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and the secondary neurofibrils; described the existence of a super-
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The value of a work like this to the practical physi-
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which had been forced into the canal ; that I have also made
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This, and the caudally continuing main strand, also enter the
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Dr. Sidney Ringer, vacillates irregularly between 102^ and 110° Fahr.
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with blood, which however, came from the back of the trachea,