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be, m many instances, most intimately associated; but in many other

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tre is less regularly marked. Occasionally, however, some of the

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Tertebral column, where this change has been described by Bowlby ;

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The causes of this affection are acute diseases as scarlet fever.

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general statement is bald and to some extent misleading without the

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Stokes variety claims a place — a form of dyspnoea which is due to an

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structures, it may easily be supposed that such dystrophies will some-

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patients themselves lay but little stress upon it, being far more con-

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Ammonio-magnesium or triple phosphate is deposited in cryrstalllne

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the diabetes; the persons had never indulged especially in sugar,

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Impaired mobility of the parts is naturally a prominent feature of

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correspondingly large quantities of this substance. A second source of

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we can attack the course of diabetes or increase the energy of the

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is present; when the hypertrophy^ and dilatation are still confined

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They favor congestion and displacement of the womb, they obstruct

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of wealth before the invading Huns and Goths and Arabs, the disease

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Ebstein : Archiv fiir klinische Medicin, xxviii. andxxx., 1881.

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Of all tlie personal influences that favor the incidence of gout,