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is not known. For several months has had a swollen face and discharge

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Arst vaginal hysterectomy, performed in 1822, by Dr. Sauter,

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erysipelas, little is required except rest, mild aperients, and a cooling diet;

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that a case may be making when morbid phenomena present themselves, as

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such a rational assumption that it has almost a natural

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After four months a large abscess spontaneously opened in the

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and surgeon of volunteers. He is at present in this country

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panion to the medical student, and that it would furnish him with much

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cluding many episodes which were called epidemics, on

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over the abdomen; and after the removal of the cups, a rag, spread with

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emollient cataplasms, and baths, and afterward calomel, which appeared to

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this affection. As has already been seen, we must de-

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reading, and is inclined to overwork at school. She is very

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based on the principle, as Hatch puts it, of converting all

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inwards, until it came in contact with the small intestines, where it pro-

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of a thick purulent character, and very profuse; the lids are much swollen;

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of disease is that disease in the individual may be recog-

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Lecturer on Midwifery, <fec., in the Richmond Hospital School of Medicine, &c. &c.

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of their fellow beings. When consideration is given to

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ficiently to show that our work was, on the whole, as accurate

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of matter formed. He (Mr. L.) suspected, at first sight, that the bone was

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How far a repetition of the venesection would have checked the progress of

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facturer shall be notified and permitted to correct the error

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more might be made if thought desirable, provided precaution is

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tion, which he has found caused by postnasal soft polypi. The

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74. Exophthalmic Gtoiter. — Haight believes that exoph-

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ducts act sufficiently long to set up the habit of growth. It is

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the patient for hours, sometimes for days, the head remaining unmoved, and

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of violence were perceptible to the most careless and superficial observer.

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of her trouble, due to over-fatigue. Five weeks from the

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reasonable time was able' to partake of a very general diet, al-

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had lit upon what he supposed to be a bottle of madeira, and with charac-

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Thomas McGraw, setat. 66, entered Medical Ward, No. 3, July 3d, 183S.

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early constitutional treatment, which may be employed in

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trol, proper legislation will follow slowly as the pro-

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is Ksual. I have also been in the habit of seeing the vesicle commence to