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Osier considers that " the deepening of the colour is only part of a
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tion. The individual peculiarities of patients should always be well con-
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his discovery decisively on one of the patients at the Boston
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or in the occurrence of a series of extraordinary and unforeseeable accidents;
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Definition. — A very rare disease of the skin characterised by the
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Induration is commonly absent, and the axillary glands do not always
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in their spontaneous subsidence so capricious that it is very difficult to
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epithelial deposit ; though indeed they may be enlarged and even sup-
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the file or knife once across the glass, never by "sawing" it back
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century since to boys who were trained, in accordance with
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ally in 1749 at the Westminster election, when Lord Tren-
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it is most valuable, and may supersede all other local remedies. It
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which is artificially adjusted to him, so that the disorder of the process of
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more often under the notice of the general physician than of the
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been weighed to 1 mg. After delivering each 2 ml portion, any
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cause of hysteroid fits : and more commonly perhaps than in epilepsy
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who has seen one case will probably have little difficulty in recognis-
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raised, and not surrounded by erythema. Vesicles on the fingers, the
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gets restless both at night and by day. He becomes morbidly suspicious
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Less commonly the bulk of the spasm is in the dorsal muscles, the
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Very various accounts have been given of the origin of molluscous
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same color and yet differ in pH number if one solution
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periods, he prevented the recurrence of the attack by putting them to
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of Mentally Feeble Children. London, 1895. — 5. Idem. "The Etiology of Sporadic