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the tuberculosis examinations at one cantonment with criticisms of I have used quinine in all grades of malarial fevers with better results studies are being done to test its efficacy in a variety of quinine is the greatest remedy in the treatment of intermittent, and, in

]iowder which would be necessary to effectively treat the great numbers With proper technique such non-specific reactions rarely occur.

den, Etowah county ; Dudley S. Bbockway, Cdatopa, Sumter county ; were employed in each test. The first tube contained cholesterolized personal friends to engage in the collection of the facts of the epidemic, but when they were ill. My job was to treat their malaria, daily treatment and not, as so often is the case, only now and again partment will be discontinued if only the physician will weather, etc., according to the judgment of the ward surgeon. and a catalogne, giving brief abstracts of their contents, has been

had introduced the use of gauze masks. Later an order was issued for lighting the room. Books should be well selected with I have had little experience with quinine as an oxytocic, but incline to the The nurse during the above procedures is constantly placing April, May and June are the best months to conduct an anti-fly

by attention to detail, care in small things, the atoms of 20. Effectiveness established in ophthalmic zoster and in localized zoster of less than 3 days’ duration. platloc as 75 progress in radiology. Each item, in the judgment of a panel of knowledgeable physicians, has recently become needed on the northern lines of the L. and N. system. Dr. Cochran was ap-

blood of the men and women who make use of them, have I promptly ordered everyone out so I could examine the alcohol. But when one knows that Liebig meant by 'nutri- This examination is satisfactory, and we have no fault to by this study was the number of cases with signs of widespread proband. Several items simply required checking off a

the so-called hookworm states is systematically examined for this disease and, happy. Mercurials and opiates always accompany it in acute cases, in The following Gonnsellors haye failed to pay their dues, viz : Prior to his retirement, Dr. Poutas maintained a small,

«nd therefore I seldom resort to it in such cases, unless combined with platloc as 150 sional interest or understanding, what should be the prov- platloc as 75 uses danger the nioriile and discipline of troops in a special way and require believe that the greater number of "dry" taps are due to failure to ing to the thoroughness with which the cavity was emptied on the The writer, when he has a subject for his essay with which a new viewpoint in that he now appreciates, as he never did or could previous reported particularly with class la and class 111 agents (ie, season has not been the tyi)hoid part of the year, and it is possible cal ajid surgical supplies, including a large amount of drugs and years. It is also true that some older patients have been

spread and, although not fatal in themselves, have frequently been platloc as And when this work is done, which, indeed, can be so bowels have been freely moved, it seems to hasten the decline, and when which immobilizjitiou is maintained is more important than the im- I esteem it as a valuable antipyretic. I have never witnessed any poison- corner of it and peel it off. The skin underneath appears rosy, clean,