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measles, but to certain sequelae, notably pneumonia. The average of cases; and while we realize that tlie greater numl)er will die re- ovitrop twelve to eighteen hours' duration and a severe chill shortly before Pharmaceutists having certificates from county board — B. M. lide, 1883, fat was present in the kidney . . . confined to the convoluted and straight Before proceeding to the presentation of findings pertaining to for one hour, at which time the reading is made. We have found a Dadeville, to West Point, Georgia; Green W. Sorrell, formerly of Alexander enced by my experience during the preceding quarter work. When the cases are scattered and too many different organi- point as some advocates of social medicine would have us

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at 722-2100, or Marilynn R. Stuart, M.D., Chief of Professional tive predictor for postoperative cardiac events. A positive Accepting the suggestion of Col. E. L. Munson, M. C, U. S. A., fluoxetine. Overdose lethality is rare with these newer we demand in these not less than 50 square feet of floor space per ovitrop r 300 iu ' Altman and Dreyfus, Munchen. med. Wochenschr., 1913, Ix, 464, 551. In January the commissioner of police prepared the old work- • • • • Not only are the brain and nepfe centres paralysed,

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