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cation, would deal with certification, ethics, medical

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and not the disease itself has been quoted above ; but

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dressing without puin, the bandage, if it be adherent, must bo

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iris may suggest glaucoma, since in many cases of that disease the

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well, the careful physician will find on examination that the urine is always

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autopsy was permitted in this case, because the previous his-

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[etc.], Jena, 1. Abt, v. 31 (17), 29. Mai, Ref., pp. 542-543. [W% W"^.]

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specially to them. It is important, however, for the physician to take

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possibly, in very rare instances, after entering the uterine

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be much altered. At the onset of the inflammation, the pulse may be

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highly inflamed. Sometimes also this form of seborrhoea becomes

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Durgin, T. Dwight, Boston; T. W. Fisher, South Boston; R. H.

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ot fteces that had been allowed to accumulate in the rectum, or by the dis-

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/<, others with developing nuclei ; c, from ■ rib in another esse, in which son •

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the symptoms of full tolerance, and to obtain the biliary

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always get well spontaneously at about the age of fifteen to seventeen.

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den changes of temperature. Previous attacks. Sjrmptoms, mild form,

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In some cases progressive muscular atrophy, instead of commencing in the

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liar mental exaltation and grandiose delusions so character-

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Between the exposure and the appearance of the hard chancre

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whether the treatment has ceased or is in active operation.

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overlooking the sea, with an uninterrupted view across the bay to Mount

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.spots, are seen on the parts adjoining the head when this part is the seat

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Messungen am Gesicbtsscbadel). Arch.f. Anibrop.. Bin-

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designated Drs. Bigelow, Ware, and Flint, as a Medical Committee,

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the fixation, Flemming or sublimate, stain black after iron-hsematoxylin

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When admitted he was slightly icteric, thin and weak ; the pulse was

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it repeatedly, and at one place observes : " I am bound to

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Parsons, M.D., and Brydex Glendining, M.S. ... ... ... CI

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uncertainty regarding diagnosis and treatment, and the

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nails themselves, working at right angles to the fingers ; pass

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few days the free discharge does not diminish by the use of the ordinary