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an elevation of the temperature which in one of the
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sioians of New Utrecht have yielded up their lives in the performance of
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of a field hospital and the exercise of the greatest economy both
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This history of cases in which spontaneous recovery did not
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same time pain is usually experienced in the lower extremities often
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position of the heart. The angle formed by the transverse and long
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sues affected with leprosy. The bacilli are congregated
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lost the rectal nozzle and had not since been able to find it.
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or from suppression of urine and coma after death no specific lesion.
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ers had been affected for three or four months. He had been
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Diathermy in malignant tumours of the bladder is the subject of
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is not disturbed at night and her general health is excellent. Careful
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suffocation. So terrible was her dyspnoea and so evident her death
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stances. The physician of the Fever Institution see art.
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If the disease should terminate in recovery the improvement
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tines and cold water with such astringents as alum and tannic acid
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and consisted of a muscle about three quarters of an inch wide
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Prostatic calculi consist essentially of phosphate of lime and
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of urine the specific gravity of which is much lower than
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quantity of clear urine. The patient usually feels exhausted and for a day
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