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meeting. These funds now amount to nearly £70,000, and

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portant reports. The first was on the extent to which the

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it is best borne when the stomach has had time, as in the taking of soup,

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oppose and flex the thumb nerfectly. There still however remained

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the arm or leg to be present, or even hemiplegias, which, o unt

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organ, and especially of pulmonary tuberculosis. They may be re-

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Phlebitis occurred in 11 ; in 2 of them it was very troublesome and

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it altogether politic to run the risk of impressing the casual

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Thus, degeneration of the peripheral nerves supplying the skin, bones.

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he means abandant experience of disease let him select India or China,

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tion might be neatly raised. If a county court judge, and

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Newcastle is an important commercial centre, its chief

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have mentioned, are living and in good bladder health. It is,

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ing its pathology. If only we could experimentally cause one of these

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bronchioles. As young children are very deficient in the power of

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so-called Banti's disease the skin is prone to be discolored in extensive

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with I dram of aromatic spirits of ammonia may cut it short.

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destructiveness. We are able to recognise a succulent form

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exceed the prompt efficacy of this injection, the most serious ulcera-

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tering mercury for these particular infections. The injections consist

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pain with occasional diarrhea. But there is an acute form in which

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In some severe cases the mind is never affected. One boy aged

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Surgeon, February 10th, ls50; Surgeon, February loth, 1S71; Surgeon-

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One of the most certain results, however, of a chronic gleet in the

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by the efforts of the patient. Sometimes, however, it consists mainly

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On May 2sth I sasv the patient for the first time. Her pulse was Ifio ;

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storage of books. The Committee has to thank numerou

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however mild its first onset, leaves a permanent deposit in the affected

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coincided with the great Hindu pilgrimage which occurred once in

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chronic, the emaciation which follows is more extreme than in any other