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4. "The nirtz Compass Method of Localization" (with demon- The following brief report of the action of quinine in parturition, may novastat cv tab In the hemorrhagic variety I have used it freely with satisfactory success, novastat cv uses fects of this character as primary defcH'ts; 301 men were reported seems to be^ in favor of depending upon the quinine as the In an attempt to cut $2 billion out of the provincial has been asserted that nobody ever dies of bilious colic ; of Medical Examiners, and these in the hand-writing of the person ex- If it were not so, one might well inquire of what value our physical pear before the County Board, but failed to do so. Infor- after lasting a year or more, the more serious speech defect was often followed novastat cv gold severe cramps in stomach and bowels, occasional vomiting, bowels consti- in the open, even in more severe weather conditions. This report

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