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passage of blood through this fissure at the time of the auricular contraction.

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could follow sentences, sixteen words, twenty-one vocal

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Bevan, General Surgery; Tu. and F., Speed, Fractures and Dislocations.

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forms a contra-indication to the addition of fresh antigen or bacterial

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diarrhea-producing viruses or Escherichia coli. Until effective means

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There was general agreement that a decision on calling a

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germ, therefore, may be expected when the sample of wheat is

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have isolated a new step, in the detection of defects

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about the sizt; and shape of the ha:ul without the fingers.

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asthma was probably due in part to coexistent syphilis

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USED on all larger vessels of the U. S. Navy for makins ice. refrigerating meat rooms, and cooling

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(hypnotics) and paralyzants (anaesthetics). Belladonna and

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cold feet and hands, with aching of the legs and partial deafness.'" About tlie

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The severer affection (kyphosis) is more common between two and

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always contains an excess of iodine. He has observed

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regard to it; and so I propose to present to you the

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The fit is never followed by an immediate return to healthy con-

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to take a special interest in the manufacture of explo-

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the acute exanthemata, typhoid and typhus fever, whooping-

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power: Animals vaccinated in the ordinary way were inoculated with virus.

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bones of the tarsus, attest the many difficulties in the

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floating bodies; neuritis, with partial atrophy of the

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as the symptoms soon returned, the chlorine water was administered in two-

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melt at 95°C. (203° F), sparingly soluble in water but readily in

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