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shows signs of irritation. The microscopic examina-

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cases it is observed chiefly when the subject is brought out to the

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be deemed guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall be

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two kinds of exuberant dystrophy in the human body." But how are we to interpret

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• Resolution E (Wood) : Financial support for presi-

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functional relation with each other. Indeed there was no textbook in

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I think, be certain that jaundice, produced primarily, as in the present

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apparent cause, it often turns out to be pyelitis. It

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the article from which this case is quoted. They are either foreign cases,

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fundus and upper two-thirds of the body of the uterus.

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dose in watery solution. They see in urinary fever points of analogy

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be. he said, no doubt as to the nature of cadaveric virus ;

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1904 a. — Berlin: Auszug aus dem Fleischbeschaubericht fiir Januar, Februar,