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make-up, besides the introduction of a great many new and


and it would seem altogether unnecessary to adduce arguments to show the

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The technique of the wet compress differs according to the object

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correspondingly pronounced. Naturally, the local symptoms are intense

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of three sorts : (a) catarrhal, (b) ulcerative, and (c) amyloid. These often

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any dish from almost any material, thus serving two purposes,

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pounds of grapes daily. Grapes are fattening, and hence are

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Philadelphia and Loudon: J. B. Lippiucott Company, ilont-

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people have long been strangers to cold water, or, indeed, water of any

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department of health, and both sitting silent and dumb I Even

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producing a localized tumor varying in size and position. Such saccu-

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diseases. Berlin was full of able doctors, but they had hardly

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to fall ; and hence a critical decline of temperature during the latter

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a two-edged sword to the same extent as in neurasthenia.

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form of light ptomaine poison, making it rather in its milder

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great Japanese Embassy which left Japan after the Perry ex-

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cases reported was the United States government serum of

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the application is snugly made; the vessels receive an active afflux of

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I have no doubt the same process would have been gone over

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flesh. The skins of both are deep red, and every specimen

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trolled by the stopcock, PR, regulates the pressure of the water,

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" The majority of medical men still fail to appreciate the intimate

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were passed. A large number of the men who were so passed,

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towns and rural districts are visited, and the epidemics are usually trace-

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Let us look at gluten, so much spoken of as diet for the

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tered at the onset will jugulate the disease. His experience covered 1192

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concerned with the (piestion whether the intiucnza bacillus of

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out causing tetanus, while the same quantity of toxine without

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are seen, and the conjunctiva and nasal mucosa frequently show the

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and frequency of occurrence of the various complications. As stated,

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ideas, but have no real success to report, and will refer to this

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In chronic diseases the affusion is an excellent substitute for the

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The advantage and limitations then of dehydration of food