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(2) Pneumonia. — This affection may be complicated with a meningitis

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lish, German, and Russian observers. It would seem, therefore, as

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and cherry. It acts on the renal epithelium to cause it to lose

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(sero-fibrinous or purulent) may be present. Xervous lesions are con-

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40,TS2 deaths were reported — in,rt;W for the week ended Octobei'

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Clinical Types. — Mild Scarlet Fever. — In very many cases of scar-

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ral stethoscope. After all, we become accustomed to different

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Auhen a typical pyemic kidney is found containing minute abscesses.

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disease, typical or atypical, to locate and eradicate by surgical or

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internal medication. The intense nervous influence, the revulsion and

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sterilized, and probably adding soil in small quantity starts

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'' sisters" too often have been weighed in the medical scales and

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1. Treatment of the patient from the point of view of general

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is acute nephritis. There is a temporary increase in the amount of urea

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pelled with great pressure, can be made to penetrate the skin, produc-

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lia is a great grape country. In Tasmania they raise among

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toriloquy and amphoric lohispers are the vocal sounds heard over huge

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its ultimate effect would necessarily be that of the boyish attempts to

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in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

by the invention and adaptation of new instruments, we are

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palpitated tremendously. She thought she was dying. She had never been sick

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The enormous importance of the skin as an organ of sensation is exem-

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the precipitate is only light yellow, you may only have re-

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Should my earnest endeavor to render the work worthy of a contin-

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once, and nature and good care will do the rest. It is the

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eighteenth, and 14 in the nineteenth conturv. including the j)an-

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and Italy, twenty-four gallons. It is interesting to note that

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tous nephritis of Wagner {vide supra, Pathology) is usually without

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soldiers suffered from a combination of these toxic agencies. As a

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dry and brown ; teeth covered with sordes ; skin much congested ; abdomen dis-