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3. When a pure culture is obtained it is planted in slightly
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distemper came in contact with the keeper of these pups. The
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confirmation from these two cases. Both happened in women who
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If this fails, he gives morphine hypodermatically, every evening if
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palpitation. Examples of such foods are sauerkraut, cabbage, black
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ent members of the B. coli group may not be used indiscriminately
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and in general condition. A fourth injection of 20 million was given after the stools
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credit it with a diuretic action, but in the author 's opinion this is not at
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Therapy of Oliguria with Hydrops. — Although we have no specific
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Heavy broken line=The pneumococcus opsonic power of patient's serum compared with that of
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with a 12-hour period than with a 24-hour period and more active
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yellow, softened, according to the temperature of the season, by
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pathology of inflammation, and his most conscientious and praise-
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One practical point to be remembered is that there are frequently
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blood lost was trifling, and did not produce faintness, or the marked
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affirmed, we think, of the protoplasm or physical basis, which,
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Left ventricle contained a little dark fluid blood. The viscera gen-
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shows that in 463 cases dying in the Koyal Edinburgh Asylum, 282
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phlogistic, have appeared within the space of the last thirty years,
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To show how frequent is the deflection of the uterus to the right,
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mentation barh
From the tabulated summary it appears that both males and
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and damp coast climate are : Algiers, Cadiz, Alicante, Malaga in Spain,
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hydrochlorate, 0.01-0.02 G. (%-% gr.). Its administration often pro-
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although I did not observe it till a month later. There is no
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in 2 litres (2 qt.) of water with 0.60 G. (10 gr.) of salt. The mixture
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tion of speech, still, so many exceptions to each of them have been