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expansion does not proceed and progress stops. In such a case

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lurements of the dominant school. Not satisfied with the normal

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cation in the case of pyelitis may abort a suppurating kidney. Internal

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else it has been irritated by dirt or dust or some other cause.

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lion millions of its own volume of atmospheric air.

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operate and the last rites of his church were administered. He was

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He talked freely of places in Boston with which he was familiar, claiming

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taking crude drugs in any form or under whatsoever name (be it

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elapsed since the neurosis was the sole concept of the physiolo-

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Wollenberg 33 , who recognizes two chief groups of senile dementia,

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ments of the International Association of Railroad Surgeons.

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they were cured they were not cured by Munyon remedies. There was no attempt to

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Majesty's dominions, or from any college or university that may hereafter be recognized ;

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been found to follow. a more rapid course than in the aged.

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as much motion as possible, that the patient may be useful to him-

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activity, oxygen and sleep are the natural defence against

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terest in these things did not wane, particularly in those sciences


teach from nine to three where there is a constant roar of traf-

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sentation here. Then there is a hardship involved in the case of the Western University ;

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mendations or suggestions they might be disposed to make in connection with tlie examina-

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twelve or fifteen times a week ; but should any casualty occur, as might occur to the best

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nearly negative. Pain was due to back strain and faulty position,

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"They make their grand stage entree to the blare of trumpets and the

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glory and reward. Save us, our Father, from all who in their blindness

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"Homoeopathy has ousted therapeutics by cataclysm from the practise

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ought not to pay fourteen or fifteen dollars, or twice that amount, in one year. It was an

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natural method ; to lack of instruction ; to careless prescribing and

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suited to this condition symptomatically is gold, which I gen-

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Committee on Legislation. This evoked much discussion and will

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I had only a limited experience with radium in similar condi-

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authors, very recently published in a State journal, we find the passages :

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It is a mooted question still in experimental psychology

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