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Ziobrowski, Frank George, a, iv, sp, Johnston, R.I. A.B. (Brown U.) '36.

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of this theory, since we would soon be lost in the realm of mere hypothesis.

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ij^cats Is that tl» least aon^t of res^rtint possible is tfstialty test. Cats are tfsuatly

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so that in severe eases the patient loses entirely the ability to walk straight,

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Edward Bennett, M.D. St. Andrew's, Chapel-en-le-Frith.

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of motion at the bottom of it is analogous to the ataxia of the arms and

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be described (vide infra). The distinction from post-diphtheritic and similar

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Fig. 4. — Myelogenous Leukaemia, a. Normocyte. b. Normoblast. c. Erythroblast. d.

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Ptipils of the School are reqtiired to possess the necessary tools and

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and It must be kept cold so excessive bacterial grft#th does not occur.

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which is seen in fresh cerebral hemorrhage, but moderate fever sets in, as a

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Olinical Medicine, Clinical Surgery, Medical Anatomy, Surgical

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accomplished by a survey of the Insj^tlon stasis, Insi^tlon reoorts. invoicei^^ man'^^esti

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the autopsy revealed a cysticercus in the fourth ventricle with secondary

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and there. In other places the fibers that are still visible are smaller and

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have the patient sit on a high stool with the legs relaxed and the feet clear

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In Otolaryngology: Drs. G. S. Livingston, Maurice H. Cottle, G. J. Green-

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solution, have been recommended for continued use, and also extract of can-

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can occur in the arms, as have been described for the legs under the name of

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demonstrate with comparative certainty that in man, as well, only those cases

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worst cases there is speedy death, usually ushered in by deep coma. In others,

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Robert Bernard Portis, M.D., Assistant in Pathology.

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receive certificates stating the subjects in which they have passed, and

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tion, as in the gray matter of the cervical cord, and therefore provoke analo-

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stinate intercostal neuralgias are often a symptom, and for a long time the

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cataleptic states, and the patients are often suggestible, performing various

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Leicestebshibe. — Leicester Infirma/ry. — Resident pupils are not

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mental effort. The temperature is normal or subnormal. Fever invariably

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very grave, if not absolutely unfavorable. Of course, general hygienic sur-

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as quite an abnormal redness of the face and conjunctiva. In neuralgia of

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The fov/r years^ instruction is thus divided : — First Year : Zoology,

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Mental disturbances ("polyneuritic psychoses") have been frequently

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scopy. The two last-named subjects may consist of one three months'

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pursuing dinical, laboratory, and other studies, for which they had not

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Robert Harry Herbst, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery (Genito-urinary).

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or a Fellow, Member, or Lioentiate of a oollege or faoolty of sni^^ns.

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ganic disease. One constantly fears an impending attack of apoplexy, another

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