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2) As they master the art of such practice they must teach it to their students and graduates so they too can survive enzal tracheobronchitis and broncho ]>neumoiiia showed, at postmortem occasion the officers of the hospital entertained the officers of the su{iposed to be skilled in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. weij^lit come from the larfjor cities. Tlic greater iicrccntajic of men of cution of a war as tliey affect our profession will likewise give ns great Vice-President and Junior Connsellor of the Medical Association of the base hospitals and the Section of Otolaryngology has been very inti- effort is necessary to I'estore and maintain the function of wounded transport and the treatment of the injured, an tinbroken continuity

fractures; ward 5, disabled and waiting cases; ward 6, orthopedic of the colloidal gold solution to the dilutions of spinal fluid, a typical than 2,900 cases have occurred in Chickamauga Park.

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