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arteries and the heart until recovery became impos-
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statistics which he gives are very striking and seem
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BuRKET, John A., Lieutenant, Medical Corps. September
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innumerable specimens of insect, and reptilian, and
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treatment was irregular and inadequate, new rings devel-
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sent the patient to me when my attention was more es-
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which is the result of a mind, which mind is a post-
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liam Mabon and Dr. W. L. Russell, general medical super-
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the annual tidal overflow of that stream ; and that
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Pepper interferes with the tryptophan bromine reac-
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they say, with two ends in view, the elimination of
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Ridlon. A. M., M. D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surger>',
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at this station, I have to recommend that a separate lab-
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the Coimty of Schenectady, N. Y. ; Practitioners' Club
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^ They are made in two sizes — LARGE and SMALL, containing 7.3 grs. and 1.82
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20.01 per cent, other impurity, indicating a sodium
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lectomy requires a general ansesthetic, preferably,
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tained that the thin gauze will not break the drop,
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l-'ailure to follow directions might result in hemato-
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and the prison. Again, let us be as lenient as pos-
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By the Committee on Nurses of the Manhattan pye, Ear,
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different general appearance. No. i being fine regu-
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September 6th, granted thirty days' leave of absence
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on the whole more satisfactory to treat than the pli-
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Jails, workhouses, and penitentiaries in this State
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11. Darwin. Animals and Plants under Domestication.
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14. Unusually Quick Rash Following Injection of Diph-
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cases of cardiac diseases, unless the "a" waves are