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either sex, poison was much more frequently had recourse

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The grant proposal, which had a total overall budg-

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tlie Koyal Navy on account of "nephritis" followed by attacks of renal

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who, it must be remembered, is not a medical man, comes

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at the time, others are vei-y likely to form. In fact the very

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periments in connection with tliis subject were published in

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creting miicin (?) ; (b) highly vascular lymphoid nodules

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residence, and attendance. Applications to the Secretary, Henry

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M.D.; *H. Gervis, M.D.; *W. J. Gow, M.D.; *W. S. A. Grif-

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probably represents the original place of entrance. In this

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upon for the discrimination of tlie eatable from the noxious

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tuted. The Council do not feel disposed to accept the further responsi-

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-^Appeal to Dr. Luysfor Erplanations.^Detmls of Experiments

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of any fatty envelope. A. peritoneal band bound the upper

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tendo Aehillis and posterior ligaments, even severe wrenching

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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable

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addition to our resources in cases of haemorrhage and

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deceased was a Justice of the Peace for Kirkham, and was for

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table which was the result of experiments made with the

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Resolved : That this Council regret they are unable to agree

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respiration stopped with blood pressure very low ; at 8 h.

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«o? o/jei«>M«e had been previously edu- by the im])ost in question. A com-

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The tumour in the abdomen increased in size rapidly. At

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calves were characteristically enlarged. The wasted parts

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out secretion. He attributes the frequency of ear affections

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ing of humanity which moved you to take upon yourself the

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fcetuses, most of which were syphilitic. Dr. Spencer had not

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scale, having left that advisedly for settlement between the

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ten years, in none of which liad the rate reached 20 per

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A Psychological Laboratory.-— A Psychological Laboratory

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Hewkley, M.B., London ; Dr. Herman, London ; Mr. G. S. Howatson,

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from "fever" (principally enteric), and 3 from small-pox. These 473

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is remarkable how long a time the animal is able to continue

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to the difficulty he experiences in receiving constantly ," return " case

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lines of communication ; but this statement does not agree with

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Littlehales, of Westminster Hospital ; R. H. Mornement, of Middle-

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