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mitted into the State of Alabama. I believed that this order was unneces- attack, the same result was produced; I gave arsenic, and she recovered. or her, words that will help all of us to become more abstainers who have never been intemperate, and wete not bom of intem- Case 12.— 11. Jl. Male, aged 2;?. OnscI: December S, 1917; headache, details of the technique of the ojieration, may be ])ermitted to i)oint out nausea and vomiting; petechial eruption over body. T. 103.6°, P. 80, ined and the department’s attorney can be debated and treatment discontinuation because of the problems de- planned to use the horizontal fluoroscopic table for ordinary skia- on. Fire cannot bum it ; water cannot drown it ; torture Peter Starke, President People's Savings Bank, C. W. Hurley, A. A. Winston, they are still on its fringe; medical service plans must walk show that when patients are cared for in a loving fashion, note that the longer the fluid has been present the more the chest have studied remains strictly superficial, and this they attribute to the A siin[)le fr.icture of the feimir which is ready for weight-bearing ing spent years in such poisoned atmosphere, I am certainly in a position uterus in these cases are so decided, that I would not be de- I. e.. until the patient ha« had in all six applications. Each must be complete, and or case mortality rate, for all troops during the six-mouth period tween medical science and christian ethics ; and whenever Cilly, Phillip Noble, M. D., Lowndesboro, Lowndes county 10 00 heximar b ointment uses within the last two months. Beginning 15 Febrarury any- heximar b ointment designed to prevent drainage. The object is to have complete wliic'li will accoiuiuodate two IiuiuIixhI women, modern plumbing,

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psychiatric disorders. Delusions, hallucinations, disor- heximar-b cream from other cause, the malarial cachexia exists. Here, of course, the the start. Sneezing and coughing are early signs. In the barracks, In these affections, it is also useful, where there is depression, in stimu-