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in itself is a safe one with regard to both immediate and remote results,

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gress in other countries. It is stated in the Paris Journals that M.

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gradually increased during the fortnight of observation ; clear

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• Discontinue Cador m the event of allergic reactions to it.

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nerve. An intermediate form of rheumatic neuralgia is not un-

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irritating substances now perceptible in the cell, and a

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have curdled on the stomach, give either passum, rennet, or laser, mixed with

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responding with that which recurs on the fourth day. These compound

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Dr W. W. Ireland said that Dr Straclian's views on education

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Cylindric Epithelial Canceb (Reinhardt*); Epithelioma Cylin-

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.son, of ordinary intelligence, may become his own phy-

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deposits. The spinal medulla is usually pale and bloodless ; rarely it

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structures about the joints, and the ligaments may be involved. This can

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febrile heat returned. He affirmed that most cases of fever were cut short

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from timely operation, for the case appears to me of great A'alue, in

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guished from the acquired by abnormal arrangement of the vessels or

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organisms convey in their germ-cells is physiologically secluded ;

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quick elimination of the extraneous bacteria by this method