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ever, usually a direct extension of the disease from
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results of plastic operations upon the and demon-
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thirty minutes, where a skilled surgeon can operate
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from, or lives in, the region usually free from mala-
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June .5. While in a certain number of cases infected
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mononuclear, 5% ; polynuclear neutrophiles, 40% ; eosin-
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ing, aU that science and wealth can do in the making
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etc., occurred in 18 cases, in 8 of which operation
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smaller follicles lined with normal cuboidal epithelium.
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pared to furnish tetanus antitoxin for use in cases
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muscles gave slightly bett(>r contractions, slow in char-
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2 Kocher: Praktisch wlchtlge Fracturformen. Mitth. a. d. kiln* u.
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volvment because of the rapid control obtained over
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tract as the animal grows older, and in fact this is
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Maguire, E. S., pharmacist. Department letter granting
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prescribe for the case or give any advice as to its
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"Wild Oats": a Sermon in Rhvme. Bv Maurice C. Hirae,
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presence of peculiar structures which were speedily
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water supply from the same well, which was early in-
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or Taylor, " in tapioca and in porter or beer, and in a
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Cincinnati ; Secretary, Dr. Dudley P. Allen, Cleve-
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Chase, H. L,. Efforts to abate the mosquito nuisarice in Brookline, 123.
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pale. She had a large, square, flat head. The fontanelle
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ageetion of alcohol in such contests, the effects of