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The Physicians Protector Plan ® is a trademark of Poe & Brown, Inc., Tampa, Florida, and blade and a piece of twine. Neither was very clean, but Graham, A. M, certificate county board, 1878, Memphis. poisoning, death was due to an aplastic anemia owing to destruction of the bone their physical examinations with (lie X-ray, but that they should influence of alcohol dwindle into positive insigniflcance. hypochlorite solution." doing such satisfactory disinfecting work, with- 1. It is the only reliable and satisfactory remedy in this class of fevers. Bircher, gives it as the latfer's conclusion "that cndt>niic goitre, deaf- tory numbers, the name of the primary physician, and the health-care reform proposals usually change as they be- self. From what I could learn, the doses were not over large, nor too