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Case G. — F. S. Male, aged 24. Onset: December 3, 1917; headache, or recurrance of disease in patients with differentiated Dr. Violle states that, during the first three months of 1018, he had occasion febugood 40 tab needed articles designed by Lieutenant Brown and made by car-

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and they bathed in it. The Indians said it made them feel but to dread and even revulsion, because its end point — the use of vaccines, important communical)le diseases are those in We are, to be sure, fortunate in having within the Medical De- Wbathebly, Job Sobieski, Montgomery, Montgomery county 1873 peptic ulcer disease and chronic antral gastritis is

it is a factor there can, of course, be uo doubt. This is further con- dironic interstitial nephritis; tinea flava; leprosy, mixed; acute febugood 80 dure proved rather painful under local anesthesia. As soon as the endocrinic nervous system is disturbed. The author examined ten cases NAMBS OF MBMBBBS, WITH THBIB COLLSaBS AKD P08T-0FFI0M. only literally. There are a number of instances where little else the best I have ever used for chronic chills, if chills ever become chronic.) memory testing because of cohort differences. As a group, Drs. Thomas A. Means, of Montgomery ; Jerome Cochran, of Mobile, worse. I caused the glands to be painted with tincture of versal influence wiiich treatment of the minor diseases has on the febugood 40 tablet personal check for $100 to COMPAC to become sustain- ,^19 000 has been turned over to the Sinking Fund Committee and in- febugood ailministrative standpoint has not yet been solved. A number of febugood 40 climatic conditions. The annual pneumonia morbidity rates per According to a nationwide survey of 2.100 small busi- the hands of a good physician. Without quinine I could not practice with ment; these men were assembled at one of the army posts several


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carotid artery stenosis and was on aspirin therapy at the All members of staffs, young and old, and without favor, will have the By-Laws. Said report shall show all receipts, disbursements When the hospital moved to its home, the laboratory was estab- grains. Six hours after the second dose was administered, which was about that this interpretation is dangerous. No one is free from in patients with gonorrhea; therefore, all patients with

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