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b about five per cent, of caustic alkali. She recovered from the first

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due to the quantity of material. For purposes of study, therefore,

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hours, aud had a frightful peritonitis when I saw her.

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however, been claimed as a fact by some authors, and cer-

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the patient sleepless. There were 14,000 leucocytes.

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murmur from mere temporary excitement of the heart can be developed

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The os tincae was found thin and dilated to the size of a shil-

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ide and chloroform. Its boiling point was found to be 10.5° C.

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«a8eou8 consohdation, with tendency to disintegration and the formation

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■AiTEE an eloquent exordium, in which the nature, importance,

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are labouring in the same field in this country ; and

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the reabsorption of clinics in the subspecialties into

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premiums from S46.10 to $43.70 in January 1996, unless

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Notes of a case of emp.yema of the frontal sinus. Tr.

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The secretary of state for war has approved of the course laid

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out the bacteriology of a common cold. Yet it is the type of

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and it is not only in hospitals in the ordinary sense of the term,

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dition may be notably ameliorated. Not infrequently the quantity of

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If the method for completely emptying the stomach about to be des-

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Hilger P. Jenkins, S.B., M.D., Instructor in Surgery.

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are too often encouraged to engage with an ardour that indirectly, but

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with a feminine distribution of the pubic hair; (4) the genitals may

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and "giving a peaceful sleep." As was to be expected, it was largely

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the same dilution as the second in the series. All plates were much over-

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Society has also arranged for a dinner at the Arlington

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science and the cause of registration in our State.

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backwards, concluded that the faculty which animals have of regulating their motions,

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Atlantic Quarantine for temporary duty. March 10, 1893. To

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dyspnea on climbing stairs, showed a marked, but temporary, ino!!

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(3) The thrombotic exhibit various degrees of thrombosis: the early

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corresponding to the ion in the electrolytic conduction, which

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