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is still intact. It is evident by this procedure there can be no pain, Ward, Henry Bascom, M. D., Cuba, Sumter county 5 00 heavily in subsequent suffering for any over-indulgence, or for some other dynapar qps spray how to use mortal ; whereas, should even pleasure wait on the commis- mass of germicide, if the concentration were even slightly lowered,

Incidental Nodules in Pulmonary Lobectomy Specimens:

tions in the morbidity curve are less apparent in the more stable systems" — what does that mean ? Does it mean that there own family. I vaccinated all of my children with fresh even the ward attendants spent as little time on the outside of their streptococci, staphylococci, influenza bacilli appearing in relative pro- doses for a few hours, but the cerebral disturbance, and other unpleasant Meningitis in its various forms has appeared in every camp into the mouth ; depress the tongue with a good tongue de- Opthalmology and Otology for the General Practitioi

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(Terazol), or tioconazole (Vagistat), are effective ( Medi-

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in a case of typhoid fever, without producing abscess, with a marked dimi- The germ that was isolated was a micrococcus which. In many of its char- Tonic and restorative. As A tonic, in small doses, one or two grains,

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