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off foot. It was decided to give her hay with chop for a few days to

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ever, described In' these authors there were, in addition to the

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stitutes and I feel sure the longer this plan is in operation the better the results

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It shall have the power to combine, enlarge, or dis-

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given an outline, and which we hope he will extend,

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as ous experience regarding the significance of splenic nlar/erelt in

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why does not the stomach always in simple hjematemesis

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in a given case that the disinfection of the womb is followed by no

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influence of treatment in a month or a little over (Poletti). It should

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the other half an hour, before the third, which proved instantaneously fatal

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4. Winckler— Centralbl. f. Ohrenheilk. Bd. IV, No 11.

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found in sections from Case 2. In Case 4 there was a definite, wide-

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she was admitted she first herself noticed a tumour in the right groin, which

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and a number of others have been reported to us verbally.

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n part of the duties to be performed " by the Army Surgeon,

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Quinine tannate contains only about 30% of quinine and is practically insoluble

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been accepted and understood by theologians and pro-

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them that knowledge which is indispensable. From an extensive experi-

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Theobald (1906}. Second Report, Wellcome Research Laboratories.

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much valuable information on the various articles of

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angles with the leg. If these results cannot be accom-

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should be subjected to this treatment before the shoulder- and hip-

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quence of the mitral obstruction or regurgitation. It is obvious that the

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cerns or questions are about their care or condition. Ask them if

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the most interesting parts of a work that has so much impor-

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patient, and the tendency of the disease. To the overstrained

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South Seas ; Ale:tr. T. Thompson, Jamaica ; James 31. Wilson, Scotland ;

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•International Clinics, ser. xx, vol. ii, p. 153, 1910.

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as a standard this symptom complex shows that it was a case of

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the contractile power of the muscle is thus lowered

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and elimination of toxic material. For the former ice packs or ice

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As regards hypostatic pneumonia, he speaks as follows : " As regards

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in consequence of the tendency established in the brain which cannot

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tuberculous cases. It is hkely to be so in those due to sepsis or internal

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des sciences at which M. Langlois and M. Maurange presented

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the nucleus lenticularis on the outer side and the nucleus

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apology. If possible, the apology was more dangerous

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