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caused by arteriosclerosis and by chronic kidney disease, when it

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fellow-men, that we are now supplied with the best information how

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General dilatation of the bronchi is sometimes met as a congenital

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found at the necropsy on the fatal case the face shrivelled,

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similar patch between the base of the left lung and the dia-

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F. SwiNFOBD Edwards, F.R.O.S., President, in the Chair.

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Marshall, C. F., M.D.andUh.B A'ict., Hepburn, M. L., M.B.Lond., LR.CP.

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in the blood and from the hyperglycsemia so produced glycosuria

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3 Abetract of paper read at the Birmingliim anti Midland Counties

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the members. For instance, in the Section of Medicine we

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The prognosis improves with each advancing year; the earlier hemo-

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thawed cultures daily, and the bacilli were still aHve after forty days of

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beers. These patients should partake freely of water; if not, a mild

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free use of cod-liver oil in diabetes. I was specially led to do this by

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parasitic presence is so wide in the animal kingdom. As tapeworms

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one source of abnormal afferent excitation. Such a cause is too often

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directions, breaking into the ascending cava, the peritoneum, or even

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subject of edema is, to say the least, extremely complex, and ere long

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sli<i:htly broiled meats are easier digested than when boiled. The

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joint on July 21st ; the wound healed well, and the splint was

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pain is that the patient forcibly grasps the limb as if thus to arrest it.

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At the forthcoming meeting some portion of each of the

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bral disease, when the examiner may find that its absence is the only

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mimI HIrtulilinK anorexia occurs in women who have suffered from

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We have also in urotropin an eflfective remedy against indicanuria,

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Anderson, of Sheffield, for the above description of the

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swallowed, often the cause of severe fever. This, however, did not

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biology was that he indicated the right method of inquiry.

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patients, when we have so much better expectorants in the agents

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ment. This is often strikingly exemplified in the wasting of the top

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talks only in whispers. This general rigidity hampers all movements,

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to be there. This is well illustrated in the case of aneurysms, which

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newly founded chair of physiology in the University of Turin.

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3ii8 profession, he has always shown a warm and en-

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ifig. 49), not much doubt can be felt that these so-called

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All the acts of coughing have a tendency to dilate the air-vesicles

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chloride) CO Cl.„ but, strange to say, the presence of this body-

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